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Muscle Bag Set (2 bags incl.)

$120.99 $109.99

Muscle Bags!

(set of 2)

Every bag is designed and made by hand in Michigan. Soft workout workout device. Durable weighted sand bag with a vertical handle built for quality and flexibility. Made only from the highest grade of material and components that are built for quality. Since every bag is manufactured manually, the weight might fluctuate a pound or so.

Soft Durable Construction

Softer construction allows for a wide range of workout programs. If you want to concentrate on core workouts, you now have a greater range of workouts to choose from. You can view the many workouts at Muscle Bag Workout

Workouts are unlimited

Golfer workouts, swimmers, wrestlers and everything in between. You can strengthen your drive or increase your range. You can work on your stroke, slap shot or 3 point throw. 

Muscle bags work out muscle sets that concentrate on muscles that's ate normally hard to work out at a conventionally gym.

Custom your bag 

Since every muscle bag is custom made, we can imprint or custom draw a school name, company logo or anything in between. 

** Patent Pending **